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Moving  and restoring the Cumberland is a huge task with many, many parts. There continue to be surprises and challenges involved in the process. Every step has a price so there are on-going donation opportunities.

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 Short-term  (2024-2025)


  • Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy

  • Restore exterior siding, windows and architectural details.

  • Completing the application to list the building in the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Forming partnerships and developing programs.



  • List building in the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Complete design and construction for the building  renovation and additions.

  • Grand Opening.

  • Organization and manage facility operations.

  • Create foundation to develop & manage endowment fund.

  • Develop education & enrichment programs.

  • Purchase the three surrounding lots from the city.

Long-term  (2025 -2030)


  • Offer educational and enrichment programs for children and families to promote the social well-being of the community.

  • Provide a facility for the arts, education, recreation, celebration and locally-based activities in order to increase the opportunity for personal and collective growth in our community.

  • Invite groups, both public and private, to rent the building for events.

Wedding Aisle


The Cumberland will be available for rent to community groups, business organizations, and individuals.


Collected fees will help keep program costs affordable. 

This will all be possible if YOU decide it will be an asset to the community!

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