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May 20, you are invited to a ribbon cutting party to celebrate the steeple raising. 


Repairs are nearly complete on the steeple. The Raise the Steeple Project has brought in all but $10,000 needed to complete the restoration. 

Current News:

You may think the building has been abandoned, but we are making progress. This diamond in the rough IS getting some attention to restore it to its original condition.

Temporary electricity is connected. The new roof Is being on. Siding has been evaluated for next steps. We have bids for paint. The steeple is getting some needed repairs. Can't wait to see some transformation!

Will you help this historic building to be a lovely addition to the neighborhood again? The only thing slowing down changes is the money to pay for them.  (Click that Donate button!)


The steeple top has been restored,! Thanks to Greg Ashbeck, pictured on the right, this 130 year old treasure is ready to be put in place once the steeple is repaired and reinstated.

Supporter Spotlight

Jody is Fearless!

by Emma Eaton


Jody is there to answer the call for help.

It could be a child who has potential without means to further their education, a crumbling building, a friend who needs a reason to laugh. . .

She boldly gets involved when she sees an opportunity to make lives better. Albany has been her home for 53 years. Jody and Randy lived in their 1885 English Queen Anne in the Hackleman District while they pursued their careers and raised their family. During that time they also restored five other historic buildings! "If it is old, falling down and especially needing a paint job, it is our jam," she says.


Our Mission

To preserve Albany's heritage by restoring Albany's Cumberland church building and to promote the social well-being of the community by re-purposing it as a community events center.

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