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Steeple Progress

Look up! The beautifully restored steeple and cupola are on the Cumberland roof. 

We accomplished restoring the historical profile of an 1892 Queen Anne Church building and made the big time on news media.

National Historic Preservation Month


Mayor Alex Johnson II presents the Cumberland with the City of Albany Landmarks Commission award in Historic Preservation.  Thank you!

Just News
People Make the Cumberland!

We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for our dedicated board, sponsors, and volunteers. Check them out below as they're busy repairing the steeple, meeting with local nonprofits, and more! 

Thank you for getting to know us!

Cumberland Thanksgiving-overlay (1)-overlay-overlay (1)-overlay.jpg

History was made on Wednesday, April 27. With a fresh coat of paint and new hand-cut cedar shingles, the steeple was raised to its original spot atop the Cumberland. This truly historic event wouldn't have been possible if not for YOU!

Gary Goby inspects details of the gable. His donation of talent and time included duplicating details and supplying materials.

TGC Structural mounts the cupola to the steeple, which itself was mounted the day before. 

After many days of cleaning, priming, and painting by volunteers, the details speak for themselves.

Jody and Emma ready their paintbrushes! 

Our Mission

To preserve Albany's heritage by restoring Albany's Cumberland church building and to promote the social well-being of the community by re-purposing it as a community events center.

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